Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Road Closures August 31, 2011 PM edition


County Line – Sundown between Grassy Rd And Ridge Ln
Sundown/Greenville 1 Lane
Watson Hollow

River Rd – Open to local traffic only
Route 213 Old Post Rd to Route 32
Swartekill Rd Between Old Post & Floyd Ackert repairs in progress

Sparkling Ridge Rd by box 118
McKinstry Rd between Brunswick Rd and Burnt Meadow Rd
Upper Forest Glen – utility repairs in progress

Dry Brook Rd Bridge Collapse

Hurley Mt Rd between Rt 28 and Wyncoop
Rt 28A between Route 28A and Spillway Rd
Schoolhouse Rd between Russell Rd and Main St

River Rd
Clearwater Rd
Mile Hill Rd 1 lane
Hurds Road 1 lane

Bingham rd Lattintown Rd and Hampton Rd

New Paltz:
Springtown Rd from Route 299 to Mountain Rest Rd
South Oakwood between Main St. and Center St.

Watson Holow Rd

Route 44/55 between Picnic Woods Rd and South
East Rd
Old Unionville at Plattekill Ardonia

City Hall Rd between Beehive and Cross Rd
Queens Highway Krum Rd and Millbrook Ln
Queens Highway Cardinal Rd and Rochester Center
Boodle Hole Rd
Airport Rd

Kallop Rd and Hickory Bush utility repairs in progress
Creek Locks Rd between Main St and DeWitt Lake Rd

Route 32 at town line
Route 32A at Route 32
Clint Finger Rd
Lighthouse Dr
Reservoir Rd
Phillips Rd
Manorville Rd

Route 28 just West of Route 212- Bridge 1 lane
Oliveria Rd people at full moon resort and Alpine INN
Route 214 one lane closed just North of the Phoenicia Firehouse
Route 42 between Ulster and Greene County lines
Alpine Rd
Burnham Hollow
Deer Ln
Eagle Mountain
Little Peck Hollow
Maben Hollow Rd
Lower Birch Creek

River Rd between Hulse St and Birch Rd
Lippencot Rd between Albany Post and Bruyn Tnpk
Bruyn Tnpk between Albany Post Rd and Hoagerburgh Rd
Ulsterville Rd between Burlingham and Orange County Line
Burlingham Rd at the Sullivan County line
Quannacut Rd near the dead end
Sinsabaugh Rd near Route 52
Jansen Rd between Indian Springs Rd and Awosting Rd
Mountain Rd between Jansen Rd and Redder Rd
Oregon Trail at Sellet Rd
New Prospect between Indian Springs and Awosting

Sandy Rd
Sawkill Ruby Rd between Hallihan Hill Rd and Anita Ct.

Ulster Heights from Village Line to Marcus Rd

Glasco Trnpk between Rock City Rd and Route 212
Sawkill Rd between Zena Rd and Highwoods Rd
Van Dale – Near Niles
Silver Hollow Rd

Bridge Closures

Drummomd Falls Rd - Off Route 32 - Saugerties
Manorville Rd – At Intersection of Ralph Vedder Rd - Saugerties