Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Assessment and reimbursements for homeowners and businesses

We are fielding a number of calls regarding the process of obtaining reimbursements for damages. Please follow these steps to ensure your damages are reported and will yield you the most benefit:

No decision has been made on a federal disaster declaration. Do not call FEMA.
We are working through local building departments to compile a list of damaged properties. The towns have the forms to be filled out by residents and returned to the towns.
In the meantime, homeowners should contact their insurance companies; take photos to document damage; keep receipts of all monies expended.
Once a "case" can be made, a preliminary damage assessment can be requested by a FEMA/OEM team.
The results of this will determine our eligibility.
IF we are declared, the homeowner can fill out a formal FEMA application in person, on line or over the phone.