Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy #1

Good afternoon

Hurricane Sandy is getting a lot of media attention based on similarities to "the perfect storm" and other significant late season events. It is still very early to accurately project the timing, track and possible impacts. However, at this early stage, here is a compilation of information from the National Weather Service offices in Binghamton and Albany, as well as the National Hurricane Center.
Model trends are toward an east coast landing Monday or Tuesday. This could be anywhere from New Brunswick to the Chesapeake Bay. However, the official track of the storm by the National Hurricane Center now indicates a possible landfall in New Jersey on Tuesday.
If the storm does hit this general area, expect strong gusty winds which will lead to widespread power outages, possible flash flooding and potential river flooding, and even the possibility of snow (although this appears to be an outlier possibility at this time).

Most areas of the County have received between 3 and 5.5" of rain thus far in October.
Currently the Ashokan Reservoir is at 77.8% of capacity and the Rondout is at 95.2%.
There are multiple scenarios! Recall that during Irene a "last minute" change in course had a significant impact on our area.

It is certainly not too early to "get a kit, make a plan, and stay informed". Have a supply of nonperishable foods and water on hand along with a sufficient quantify of medications, Determine if your home is storm ready - are the gutters cleaned out, tie down or bring in outdoor furniture, etc. Monitor local weather forecasts on this developing situation.