Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early season snow storm

There is very little change from yesterday's forecast; the Winter Storm Warning remains in effect; downed trees and power lines remain the greatest concern. Here is a re-publish from Friday's message:

Good afternoon
Earthquakes, floods, now an October snowfall. Here is the latest from the
National Weather Service:
A strong storm producing heavy, wet snow coupled with fully leafed trees
will potentially produce extensive power outages.
The storm will carry the liquid equivalent of 2"
This will result in 7+ inches of snow in the greater Kingston area and
over 11 inches in the mountains
The storm may begin as a little light rain tomorrow and transition into
snow during the late afternoon and evening
Snowfall rates up to 1-2" per hour can be expected; it will be heaviest
on Saturday evening
The storm should be out of the area by daybreak on Sunday
Winds are expected to be 10-20 MPH with potential gusts to 30 MPH
The heaviest (in terms of moisture laden snow) will be in the valley

The greatest concern involves the potential for downed trees and power
lines. Remember these safety tips:
Assume all downed power lines to be energized
Never run a generator or charcoal cooking appliance indoors (there is a
great danger of carbon monoxide poisoning)

If sheltering is required regional shelters will be activated in the areas
of greatest damage.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.