Thursday, July 01, 2010

July First Alarm Letter

To: All Ulster County Emergency Services
From: Art Snyder
Date: July 1, 2010
Re: News and Information

Announcements – Lately we have been receiving requests for the nightly announcements via e-mail, fax and other methods. If you don’t phone in the announcement, PLEASE, make certain you call to alert staff that an announcement has been sent via another means.

Fire Radio System Modifications – Although I have received a few calls with concern over the August 2 implementation date, we are still scheduled to “go live” with the new frequency configuration and procedures on that date. If this changes, an e-mail will be sent out and announcements made detailing any delays. In the meantime, attached is the frequency
configuration your service personnel will need to update your radios – please note frequencies F-1 through F-5 remain the same for field units, the only changes are the addition of frequencies F-6 and F-7 (and of course how they are used). In order to help explain the new procedures to your members I’ve attached the handout previously e-mailed on 5/19. Along with that are a couple of scenarios – these seemed especially helpful explaining the new procedures. To restate my comment made in the 5/19 e-mail: since the “no chiefs calling out” was the biggest bone of contention, we agreed that if your agency feels it is absolutely necessary for the chiefs to call out responding, then do it (except during mutual aid calls). However, many departments are already successfully operating in the suggested mode and minimizing the communications of their chief officers.

Radio System Consultant – Eight responses were received to the Request for Proposal. These have been evaluated by a committee and narrowed to two. Additional clarification is being requested from those vendors. Once the consultant contract is awarded, all disciplines can be expected to be queried regarding your desires in a new system.

Technical Rescue and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Grant – Municipalities (city, town, village, county or fire district) may apply for the FY 2010 Technical Rescue & USAR Grant Program on behalf of one or more emergency response entities. For purposes of this grant program, an “emergency response entity” is strictly defined as an entity that provides technical rescue or USAR services located in New York State. The emergency response entity must already be established and maintained by one or more municipalities and must be a resource identified in the county fire mobilization and mutual aid plan. Applicants may request up to $150,000 under the FY2010 Technical Rescue and USAR Grant Program. Funding will be allocated competitively and the Request for Applications and related application material are available at Applications are due to DHSES by September 1, 2010.